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J-Fall 2015

Ronald van Eede • November 8, 2015 • 37 sec read


Thursday November 5 it was time for the annual NLJUG conference, J-Fall 2015. This year the conference took place in the CineMec in Ede. The CineMec is a big cinema and conference center in the Netherlands. Like always the event was free of charge but unlike before this was the first time they could house about 1500 people, had more room and more presentations. 42 in total with 54 speakers.

There were a lot of interesting presentations. Of course there were some presentations about hot topics like Microservices and Docker, but there were also some interesting talks about Vert.X 3, Ratpack, and about the Internet of Things (IoT).

All in all it was a nice conference with interesting talks that were not too low-level as you see on some other conferences.